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The name is a promise. CLOU.

The features that formed the basis for the CLOU's legendary reputation a quarter of a century ago still make it the jewel of the motor home market today: the perfect synthesis of high-end-technology and precisely customised craftsmanship. This combination guarantees a level of quality th at remains unmatched today.

You would have to look hard to find a machine that can work as precisely, reliably and with such foresight as the team in the NIESMANN+BISCHOFF factory.


Hall of fame.

It goes without saying that so much luxury and individual design cannot remain unnoticed. ln 2004 the ClouTREND 765A won the Caravaning Design Award.

The flagship of the series, the ClouLiNER 990SG was granted the Red Dot Design Award in 2006, one of the most important design awards in the world. The Red Dot Award is an internationally recognized quality seal for excellent product and communication design.


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Electrically adjustable and heated coachtype outside mirrors, co-driver mirror with wide angle and, driver mirror with wide angle mirror (ClouLINER only).

Timeless. Unique. Unequalled.



The CLOU is only made to order.

Precision is what matters in the creation of a CLOU, not speed. Besides that unique precision the meticulous manual assembly offers another decisive advantage: individual design variations in overwhelming abundance. Whether it's the floar plan ar furniture finish, reaI stone floors or floor heating, upholstery fabrics or accessories, nothing is predetermined. The customer can make his choice according to his personal tastes and individual wishes from a wide variety of the best materials.






That's why we can't really talk about "the" CLOU.

Basically these motor homes have only one thing in common: they offer the best state-of-the-art features, they are marvels of precision and quality, and each individual vehicle is uniquely customised to meet the owner's specific demands and wishes and will never be recreated anywhere again.




The combination of extraordinary innovation, unrivalled quality and a design concept worked out down to the smallest detail created something unique, offering completely new perspectives to lovers of luxury discovery voyages.  



The ClouLiner bedroom.

Now all you have to do is decide which ClouLlNER you would like to have. The only thing that counts for us is that you are delighted with your choice.





Topquality and first class

Those who immerse themselves in the world of the CLOU will succumb to its magic and will understand why the legend is more alive than ever!





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